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​What kind of school is Skole Yamato?  

I want to create a school that is close to children's excitement! We established Skole Yamato with this thought in mind.

​ “Skore” is the Greek word that is the origin of the word school, and originally meant “leisure”.

What kind of learning will be born if children get together and spend a lot of time! ?

Yes, Skole Yamato is not a school where you are busy with homework and tests every day.

It is a school where everyone works on what they come up with every day.

An unlicensed alternative school opened in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture in April 2023.

​Currently recruiting students. For details, please refer to the Admission Guide.

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Skole Yamato School Opening Dates and Schedule


​Staff introduction

​ Introducing the management members of Skole Yamato.

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