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What is Alternative School?

An alternative school is another school! ? A school with a different style than the school everyone knows. There are various styles of learning. You can learn various things not only by reading and writing at a desk, but also through experiences, conversations, and activities.

do i have to go to school

Compulsory education is the duty of society and parents to give children the opportunity to receive an education. Children have the right to learn and the right to choose their own learning style. Forcibly taking children who do not want to go to school is a violation of children's human rights.

Can I get an elementary and junior high school diploma?

Since Skole Yamato is an unlicensed school, you will belong to the school where you live. Whether or not you are allowed to attend is at the discretion of the principal. Even if attendance is not recognized, compulsory education can be graduated. There is no grade point for entering high school, but there are many high schools that do not care about the grade point, and there are various options for advancing to high school.

Can I use Skole Yamato and school at the same time?

Good or bad, there are some experiences that can only be had at school. More diverse human relationships, connections with the local community, group commute to and from school, tests and homework, etc. So, school on weekdays and school on Saturdays. It is also possible to combine 3 times a week school and 3 times a week school. We will share our activities at Skohlé with public schools.

​Can anyone enter?

Skole Yamato does not have an entrance examination. If you are of the target age range (6 to 15 years old), can take care of yourself, have experienced several times, and are willing to attend Skole Yamato, you can enroll. It can also be combined with other schools or alternative schools.

*Even if you come for the experience several times, we may refuse to accept you if we feel that it is difficult to accept, such as not being able to enter the circle of the group or going somewhere alone.

​I have been diagnosed with a developmental disorder...

We are not experts, but we sometimes have doubts about the word developmental disorder. I think restlessness, walking, and disinterested traits are common in growing children.. Regardless of whether or not they have been recognized as having a disability, I would like to try to understand each child's individuality and work with them so that I can develop them.


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